Vastu Shastra

"Vastu Shastra is an ancient Indian Science of Architecture."

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why Vastu?

Importance of Vastu!

Vastu Shastra explains that all things in the universe have a level of energy and that every building or land has a vibration of energy associated with it. The universe is built of positive and negative energy. Vastu aims at eliminating the negative energy and enhancing the positive energy.


Vastu is all about harmonizing ourselves in accordance with nature and striking a right balance between five elements ( FIRE, EARTH, AIR, WATER & SKY) and eight directions ( N, E, W, S, NE, NW, SE, NW) and centre. For any reason knowingly or by ignorance if this balance gets disturbed, we suffer enormously in various accounts e.g. peace, harmony, health, relationship, career etc. Many times a thought must have crossed your mind whether VASTU is a myth, superstition or science. Many of us think it has surfaced in the past 20-25 years. But it is not like that! This is an ancient Indian science approximately more than 4000 years old. VASTU is all about harmonizing your living in accordance with nature.


There are various benefits of following Vastu Shastra like: • Helps with Financial Prosperity • Career Stability • Academic Growth • Improving Relationships • Helps in maintaining good physical & mental health

Today’s lifestyle and architectural design (non-compliance of Vastu) have landed us in health, relationship and career problems. We may have gained so much material success but what about mental peace?

Vastu can help to get success in the following ways-
  1. We help you in the selection of right plot and flat. ( Residential, commercial, Industrial)
  2. We design the layout for your house.
  3. We assist in designing the right map plan for your commercial or industrial property. No matter how big it is.
  4. In existing residential, commercial or industrial property also, we incorporate Vastu principles to achieve desired results.
  5. We take utmost care in the placement of every object and the right interior for your home.
  6. The right selection of colours in your day to day life.
  7. Help plan your life according to present and coming years.

Book a session with Jaanvi Joshie – Best Vastu Consultant in Pimpri Chinchwad Pune.

We take special care for the placement of machinery, boiler, water bodies, basement, lift, ETP, owner office, staff office, raw material, finished goods etc. in your commercial or industrial property.

Our Consultation charges vary depending upon the project.

However, it starts from ₹46000. (Including installation of pyramids) Anywhere in Pune.